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Real Estates


We are a successful construction company and have been established in Germany for several years. Our construction management covers the entire range of construction activities.

Construction services

  • Technical planning and creation of concepts for a wide variety of architectural styles, from normal construction to American, Roman or Greek architectural styles.
  • Demolition - gutting - dismantling - asbestos renovation
  • Structural engineering - civil engineering - renovation - refurbishment of old buildings
  • Rebuilding - extension - metal construction - roof construction
  • Dismantling work - hazardous substances - disposal
  • Dry construction - fire prevention - plastering works – painting
  • Varied facade construction
  • Electrical engineering - electric installation
  • Floors - tiles - construction certificate
  • and more


Competent and reliable

The knowledge gained from consulting, marketing and sales helps us in the daily practice of real estate management. For our clients we provide facility management: the comprehensive commercial and technical support of a property.

Real estate portfolio management

The management of own and third-party real estate portfolios with the aim of risk management, investment and securing earnings.

Corporate Real Estate

The functional and economic optimization of industrial or commercial properties, including their conversion and utilization. The aim is to activate previously unused resources of the property.

Projekt development

Project development must recognize the real estate in its entirety, because depending upon point of view the object real estate presents itself differently:

  • as an individual aesthetic figure
  • as the functional product which has to produce a defined benefit
  • as an element in an urbane and social context
  • as an investment under aspects of risk security, property arrangement and property increase as well as the profit optimisation

Accordingly, we differentiate the tasks of project developments:

  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Market and location analyses, if necessary down to the user level
  • Development of project ideas for a site
  • Search for locations for a project idea
  • Valuation of the real estate
  • Cost-Consulting and-Controlling

Planning / Consulting

Form and function a unity

Good planning is to bring aesthetics, functionality and economy to a common denominator. Under this premise, we design projects that are uncompromisingly geared to the requirements of customers and markets.

This is done in close cooperation with clients and external architecture and planning offices, whereby we attach great importance to the early involvement of authorities and potential user and target groups. The in-house design office develops the static and constructive systems for this purpose. We are also happy to assist our clients in obtaining the necessary building permits.

Our goal is marketable, future-oriented real estate that can be used multifunctionally while meeting high architectural and aesthetic standards.

Turnkey construction is becoming increasingly important, especially in the field of commercial and industrial buildings. Compared to building with individual trades, it is particularly interesting under cost and performance-oriented criteria. As a general contractor we take over all services required for the completion of a building. Under the direction of WorCon, specialized craftsmen, finishing and equipment companies work together with us.

Our benefits

  • One contracting partner
  • one responsible person
  • one guarantor for guarantees
  • comprehensive construction care by highly qualified site managers
  • one coordinator for all economic and technical concerns
  • guaranteed fixed prices for co-ordinated services and quality
  • guaranteed appointment, co-ordinated on the disposal of the principals


You are a manufacturer or importer, have produced too much, have remaining stock, have A B or C goods or your stock is overflowing?

We are look constantly for:

  • Special items
  • Remaining stock
  • Restants
  • Bankruptcy goods
  • Liquidations
  • Stock surpluses

We offer customer frequency from all areas:

  • Technology
  • Industry
  • Household
  • Gardening
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • and more

We offer you services according to the European standards.

WorCon and ImmoPart dept. trade deals exclusively with distribution and not with end customers.

Real estates

WorCon & ImmoPart is specialized in Germany. Here we build, modernize, refurbish and rent out our existing properties, buy high-yielding real estate and sell plots of land from our portfolio.

We are an active portfolio manager.

Since 1998 we have acquired several properties in stock and high-quality properties.

Our consistent focus on German growth regions, the balanced mix of our portfolio and the constant optimization of our real estate holdings are our goals.

Are you looking for a yield property or for self-use properties of any kind, or do you have something interesting for us!


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